So welcome to the my wine journal online! I am from ORYGUN as you might tell by the title of this here blog. This journal will of course be dedicated to the wines I drink on about a once a month basis. I would love to do more, but I am just not that financially stable yet to increase my wine consumption. (Probably a good thing) A big focus here will be on wines from Oregon; a larger focus from Southern Oregon. However, every once in a while I review a wine from elsewhere…so keep reading!

I enjoy Pinot Noir, but have a soft spot for Merlot. I am not afraid of whites and you might see them pretty often on here.

So as one casual wine drinker to another, welcome and enjoy!


  1. Just recently drinking wine with corks

    Great site, now show me some wine! By the way, I’ve been to the Elkton Mall, great shopping!
    I highly recommend the Fire Dog at the nearby deli.

  2. Jill

    So where is your list of favorites? And ask your boss for a raise so you can sip more. My favorite is the Anna Maria Merlot from Valley View Winery in Jacksonville.

  3. moneyshark

    check out that link for my favorite wine so far.

    And Just…I will never have a fire dog again!

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