2003 Moonstone Crossing Pinotage

Sad to say the first wine I am tasting on this Oregon Wine Journal is a Northern California Wine…shame I know. BUT we will save the best for last!

So this little diddy is my first experience of Pinotage (click on the link to find out more about this interesting grape) Here are my tasting notes on this $31.00 restaurant price bottle of goodness.

Location of Grapes/Vineyard: Amador County- Sutter Creek Vineyard

Nose: A lot of black fruit, black current and even a hint of menthal…very  green as well.

First taste:  Boooom! That is what I thought when this full wine hit my mouth. Very dry which made my mouth smack but at the same time this wine attacks your taste buds with no Mercy. A ton of cranberry and cocoa on this flowing into a green mid-palate.

Second Taste: About an hour later on my second glass this wine smoothed out tremendously and became more luscious.  Still the flavor profile was very interesting.

Score: 89+/100

If you can find this wine for $20 or under, buy a case!

Moonstone Crossing Winery


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