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So the first bottle of wine we had at the great Roy’s Club (See post below).

Petit Sirah, which was on the menu as just a normal syrah, is also known as Durif. I think this sounds better as the Petit makes it sound…petite….

Well this actually was a nice experience being my first taste of Petit Sirah, which I really enjoyed.

So enough with the pleasantries.

Nose: Blackberry, Current, herbal notes

First Taste: Very drying and fruity, pretty one dimensional but I really liked it. Seemed like a lot of black pepper, but I may be wrong on that. I just remember it being hot but not alcohol hot.


For a wine out of Humboldt County I have to say they did a pretty good job. For the price $32, I would have to say pass though. However, if you have an expense account…give it a try!

(No picture as I can’t find a website for them…sorry)